Leave it ashore.

Leave all of it- your pressured schedule, long to-do list, complicated goals and relationships, even your aspirations. There is nothing to do on the water- just the sun, the waves, the gentle breeze in your face. Some of the things you CAN get to from the water around New York are incredible, and you may see a face of this city you probably have never seen before.

MEA, our boat, is very pretty and is a great boat for sight-seeing, cruising, celebrating, partying, watching fireworks, and exploring nearby restaurants on the water.

For media professionals and artists, we offer a stable platform for photography, movie production, and drone operation.

We also conduct burials at sea.

Having a small boat allows us to keep the prices low, while having amenities of a much larger vessel- bow thruster, bluetooth sound system, refrigerator, cockpit shower, and more.

Our charters are exquisitely private and entirely customizable.


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