Private Ferry? Maybe…

Can you take us from… to …? How much would it be?

MEA can go far- it is seaworthy and very fuel efficient. But, it is way slower than, say, a Ferry boat, and the fees depend on the length of the trip. So the answer to this common request is most of the times “yes, but it will cost you…”

As an example, pick up in Manhattan with drop-off in Manasquan, NJ is about 5 hour trip for the passengers, but over 12 hour trip for the boat. If you add marina pick up and drop off fees, boat fees, fuel cost, it adds up- this particular trip is $2325.

One trick is to board the boat in Brooklyn, which avoids marina fees on one end, and also shaves off hours from the boat time- the price for Brooklyn to Manasquan, for example, is $1500, and the passenger trip is about 4 hours.

To summarize, we will gladly take you on a private delivery between distant locations, provided you are not in a great hurry and manage your expectations regarding the price.

MEA Crew


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